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WHAT IS Bensonmakes, WHY AM I HERE?

Bensonmakes is an integrated extension of the creative & art direction, graphic design, experience & interface design and development work that I do all the time almost every single day.

This site is built for you to check out what I’ve been working on, and to contact me directly about projects or consulting.

Head on over to Cool Stuff for more information about me and a new blog about the process, the work and cool things that inspire me.

Aaron Benson (that’s me), Mexico City, 2018 – Photo: Leyah Cynamon


Every project tells the story of a unique business or communications challenge solved by blending creative, design thinking, aesthetic style and technology.

From traditional and tactile forms of media, to the most mass market forms of digital communication. I’ve worked on a couple thousand projects, employing ever-evolving technologies, for clients at all sizes and stages.

As the portfolio section grows, I’ll be adding some more ‘how-it-was-made’ posts and stories about the process. Stay tuned and subscribe to receive updates when new stuff gets added to the blog.


OpnStockn is a managed software suite – a unique blended approach that delivers branded Investor Relations website content, communications and digital media for companies in public markets by combining enterprise features with bespoke IR tools.

After many years delivering brand, design, user interface and digital user experience across the finance sector in banking, insurance, investment and public markets I’ve seen and worked with many solutions for IR content. Open source, scalable and designed for a changing digital landscape OpnStockn is designed to put the company truly at the helm of their IR website, digital marketing and communications story.

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