Himel Bros.


Himel Bros, going back to roots, required their vast library of assets, styles and resources to be aligned with practical daily content needs.

Rebuilding advertising, advertising campaigns, analytics, and workflows are all a piece of ensuring the business can function smoothly.

Adapting digital filters, dot patterns and exaggerated stylistic treatments in vector based templates provides Himel Bros with an easy method to create branded content by simply replacing photos and choosing from an in-house library of effects and treatments.


Combining resources from the library of archival advertising assets in the Himel Bros. library (a fun day) – and referencing my own expertise in fine print and traditional print media – this design system replicates those printing methods for a digital environment. Modern product photography can be simply added to preset layers to be automatically rendered with a range of dot patterns and effects built to match archival prints and graphics.


A digital only storefront with 100% of its presence generated via marketing, the website, ads, and social media requires new digital assets on a daily basis.

This series of ad assets and complementary non-destructive workflows and vector effects generates a complete range of ads and social formats, ensuring the team can handle and deliver branded variations with ease.

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