David Peres Brand Guide

How to Keep it all moving forward

This style guide is built to help David and his team navigate all of their assets in an accessible, fluid format.

Extending from the client’s logotype, and initial assets on hand from their ongoing marketing, my work has been geared to round-up and rationalize all of David’s marketing materials, delivering blazing fast time-to-market at the same time.

For this project, I’ve used Google Slides to assemble everything in an easy-to-use platform that can be shared and revised endlessly without risking dilution and brand ‘entropy’.


I’ve produced living style guides as websites, and massive style resources for brand and document design systems using traditional documentation or publishing formats. Here, we needed to store and share online, where Google Drive was the simplest solution offering version control and simple sharing via email or within Drive.

Google Slides allows a team that may or may not be able to effectively use professional design tools to gain access to documents they can use. It ensures that the team can also modify the guide itself if they ever need to. To lock it all in, the document can be easily exported to a PDF and all the links to assets are preserved.

Style GUiDE For EveryOne

David Peres team is made up of digital users that have a wide range of tools at their disposal. This guide is designed for simple ease of use for everyone, from commercial printing companies, to desktop users of all types. Anyone on the team can pull and use tools and assets they can use immediately to deliver the full range of day to day marketing and communications for a real estate firm navigating the digital landscape.

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