Kicking off this Blog

November 8 2022 – Restart

Welcome – I’m keeping this one short-ish.

It’s been more than a few years since I launched my first solo portfolio website (stacey app seemed like such a great idea at the time) – long overdue for a relaunch, so I’m pretty thrilled to be at this stage and to share what I’ve been up to lately.

I’ll be adding more demos and under-the-hood examples over time. For now check out this Cineplex VR (IMAX and D-BOX) Experience campaign launch site – opens in a new tab, 2017-18

What’s Up

The plan for this blog is to share from a really wide range of my own interests, and hands-on experience from my career and tell the stories of trying something new, or to take apart something I’ve done in the past. As I migrate more demos and prototypes here, I’ll roll-out some code views and some sandbox tools so you can see under the hood and “how-its-made”.

Look for stories, tips and techniques on open source tools, cloud hosting stuff, cool design tools and features, freebies, rapid prototyping, new design and interface technologies and articles.

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So Many Samples

Samples, demos and examples are a huge part of the design industry. These case studies are some highlights from my first new set here. As I grow and curate this collection I’ll focus some of the stories on these projects and take a look at the design thinking behind them.

When I started as a graphic designer in the 1990’s, our offices at Dreadnaught Design in Toronto would be visited frequently by sales representatives from all the commercial and fine printing companies and the specifier representatives from the paper mills and distributors. They’d bring armloads of samples, swatches and premiums to demonstrate the latest in trends in proofing, digital pre-press and paper, printing, binding and finishing technology.

We’d be flooded, overwhelmed and just amazed by all the fantastic things that were possible and just how ingenious the methods of the designers, printers, finishers and manufacturers were to get it all done on a commercial scale. That feeling of amazement is the feeling I hope to convey here at this site for you – its amazing how much we never even thought was possible!

Hello world.

This is a sample box, with some sample content in it.